Activity Book Gender Club Graphic Designer Club / Illustrator- Consultant

About Education Development Center (EDC) EDC is a global non-profit organization that designs, provides, and evaluates innovative programs to address some of the most pressing challenges in the world in the fields of education, health, and economic opportunities. Working with the public sector and private partners, we utilize the power of people and systems to improve education, promotion and health care, workforce preparation, communication technology, and community involvement. Founded in 1958, EDC’s headquarters is located in Waltham MA, USA. We also have offices in New York City and Washington, DC, USA. EDC implements projects in more than 35 countries. About the USAID / READ II Project The overall goal of READ II is to contribute to the goal of USAID / Ethiopia to improve the reading ability of 15 million children by 2023. While most READ II interventions support improved reading and writing, USAID / Ethiopia will not neglect work in ways that responsive and systematic to improve services for millions of students who are chronically or unexpectedly faced with the effects of terrible poverty, conflict, or emergency related events. READ II intervened in 50 woredas in six regions of Ethiopia: Addis Ababa, Amhara, Oromia, SNNPR, Tigray, and Somalia. It targets 3,000 schools in an improved holistic intervention model, including community outreach and cross-sectoral interventions in gender and at-risk and vulnerable children. The essence of the READ II gender approach is to reduce gender gaps in academic performance, retention, transition to the upper classes, and participation in educational activities. There will be a greater focus on teenage girls in primary school classes, because it is known that girls are very vulnerable to dropping out of school during that period. One of the READ II gender activities is to support the school’s Gender Club. READ II plans to produce an activity book aimed at encouraging discussion around difficult topics, to inspire behavior change and activism, and to promote personal growth and a sense of community. The activity book will be expanded to the radio drama currently being produced by READ II. Description of Activities READ II is in the process of producing a 13-episode radio drama about youth and the main challenges they face in surviving and succeeding in school and becoming productive adults, around gender norms and roles, gender based violence, leadership women, child marriage, and menstruation. Radio drama will be used as part of discussion at the school gender club. To accompany the radio drama, READ II will produce a book of activities aimed at deepening reflection and discussion around these important themes, but also to turn these ideas into action. The activity book will have a series of activities around these themes which can be used in gender clubs and beyond. It is hoped that some activities will be around individual reflection, others around group participation and discussion, and others will focus on actions outside the gender club, bringing ideas to their schools, homes and communities. Reporting and Organizational Relations: Graphic Designer / Illustrator will report to Senior Gender Advisor. Position Summary: READ II Graphic Designer / Illustrator Activity Book, which will be responsible for designing the layout and illustration of the book, and ensuring that the book is 100% ready to print. The Activity Book is estimated to be around 30-40 pages but is packed with user-friendly activities (student-friendly). The activity book will be written in English, then translated into seven languages, and validated by six Regional Education Bureaus.

Educational Requirements: Qualifications and Requirements Professional skills in spoken and written English. Experience that can be shown in graphic design and illustration. Relevant university degree. Have relevant software for designing and preparing graphic documents

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