“The pressure on foreign players has been a concern!”

With large sums paid, players from other countries, including Premier League and other leagues players are increasing. As a result, local players have been pressured by foreign players to press.

As a result, 12 of the 16 clubs in the Premier League have been detained by foreigners, indicating that the shortage of goalkeepers with a national team reasoned.

With the vast majority of leagues Premier League, most league clubs in the “knee Nana” have survived. However, this has been a common little achievement for the development and improvement of football in Ethiopia, and left the Board of Directors, club, club, and sports.

Many other players from other countries play, when they are not organized, and that clubs are not organized, when they can not afford sufficient funds, the highest paid players in the league, major league and the Premier League. If the alleged defenders should contribute to the achievements of evil, from the bottom, not only the future of national players who have won the most volatile competitions, but also the fears of the national team. Professionals are also getting better. However, the club has said it is time for the club lose its place in the competition, and that club leaders only be able to take full advantage of their priorities.

The club leaders who spoke to him about the matter, said his current position is to be carried out on a temporary basis. As a result of the decision of the club leaders or councilors they believe they are more mature in their field, and players who play an important role, as well as those who play an important role, will bring more benefits to generating more young . Although there is no guarantee, players in the money transfer business are also potential contributors as there is an increase in foreign players.

Foreign players have been accused who have not been able to harness the power of football in the country or the ability to influence the score of the team. For the legend, teens and retired players in the field have also become international players, especially for frequent criticism of clubs.

On the one hand, the amount of money spent abroad for foreign players, while on the other hand, the opportunity lost for the domestic players and foreign players with a sense of heritage and complexity, the amount foreign players have been in a club, and players who are interested in clubs without rules and regulations, the sounds of football are making people feel they are conspiring to bring the ball into chaos.

Although some clubs do not support foreign influences, it is well known that some players still left behind when they go out and pay for their service. It is sad that the players, who are dominated by African players or who are not familiar with the way they arrive, they find that their players are getting worse and less able to reproduce, with most of them playing in the seat reservation.

Find a small fee and teenagers looking for high quality is the most easy to find clubs. Ethiopia’s national team, especially in recent years, has been hit harder than before. For this, foreign players will be demolished. Clubs, however, should be able to see the limitations and the order of the players, with the exception of capacity, skills, technical and tactical skills to transmit to national players, so the money can be seen and solved by local players. There is also concern that the number of foreign players should be included in the law.

Source: EthiopianReporter

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