Ethiopia celebrates victory 124a colorful Adwa battle, the defeat of Ethiopia on Italian forces

Ethiopians have praised the commemoration of the 124th Adwa, a remarkable triumph of powers Ethiopian Italian powers.

Greetings firearm carried out early at the start of today. Adwa is celebrated every year as a famous victory in Ethiopia.

On the occasion of 124th commemoration took place in the town of Adwa, Tigray state provincial, specifically within the vision of President Sahle-Work Zewde.

The occasion had also gone to Deputy Chief of Tigray administrator, Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael, President of the House of Federation, Keria Ibrahim and Minister of Culture and Tourism, Hirut Kassaw, among others.

In his commentary, the President said that the victory of Adwa is a demonstration that the Ethiopians do not always bargain in its domain, rights and opportunities.

The president approached Ethiopians must also hold together for harmony and to transport the nation of need.

PM Dr. Ahmed Abiy yesterday extended congratulations to all Ethiopians in the case of the commemoration of the victory of Adwa.

“The victory of Adwa is a tremendous asset that we can use in our excursion to prosperous,” he said.

“The victory of Adwa is not only a national triumph. It’s a win that re-started introducing opportunities in Africa. This hard fought opportunity shows how we can make the fate of Africa in positive collaboration. “

The clash of Adwa in 1896 is known in history as an iconic pomp of the opposition of Africa where Ethiopian armed force against an intruder gained European frontier exceptionally prepared, Italy.

The triumph later became a hallmark of the struggle for decolonization in Africa.

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