Finally one of the largest employers in Ethiopia and investors Ermias was released Amelga

Examiners fell interest for delivery of After solving a later meeting between researchers and the barrier group today, which ended in a time shortly before the examiners have dropped their petitions against Ermias Amelga and have consented to give a letter to Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Federal Tribunal XV expressing their options to end the preliminary Ermias

Government investigators have documented allegations of corruption under hotshot business Ermias T. Amelga have hampered his release from prison and a series of settlements totaling 21 million birr mentioned, Addis Standard has learned. Ermias was recorded at NO. 62 of the total of 63 detainees against whom the legislator has left criminal charges.

Agreeing a source close to the issue, the group safeguard speak to Ermias were brought Tuesday night and were on the fourth floor of the office of the attorney general government, compliance with investigators dealing with the case of the businessman . They were not informed that Ermias was blamed for causing a “real monetary damages” against the administration and the resistance group should negotiate to pay a budget reimbursement for a sum of 21 million birr, “a proposition of the protection group I would not have to recognize, “said the source, including ‘safeguarding the group would not pay any cash payment requested by the examiners and expressed its goals to continue the meeting until Ermias was free’.

There is a progression of the meeting takes place, including one earlier today, between researchers and the protection group, however so far no decisive result is recorded.

The office of the Federal Bureau of Prisons said that 62 of the 63 people whose charges were dropped just been discharged, however, Qilinto prison where Ermias was held in, and that is one of the facilities detention of the government under the Federal prison Administration, has not yet received a letter from the freedom of action of the General Attorney of the Republic, head advertising agency Administration, Geremew Ayalew, told a radio nearby.

Zinabu Tunu, Public Relations and Communications Team at Office of the Attorney General revealed to Addis standard that the issue was being attended by examiners government corruption Commission and that it has no information to respect. Zinabu is quoted as saying that Ermias definitely be discharged and that there was no adjustment in the election by management to cease the accusations against him debasement. However, there are “issues that should have been controlled.” Despite efforts by rehashed Addis standard since yesterday, examiners of the Federal Commission Against Corruption, which are dealing with the case, could not have gone after the statements.


Ermias was blamed for the sale of an Imperial hotel cost for METEC, a charge she denies and swelled the time criminal charges pressed against him officially January 15/2019. His case was first recorded in the highest tenth court seat criminal government still later, researchers said they have opened another allegation of corruption against him in criminal court XV and asked the judges in the criminal courts tenth to close the document underlying and move the case to the criminal court XV, when the case has already been tried.

During the last hearing, judges in the criminal courts XV have dismissed the case yesterday 26 February, however, when the protecting group appeared in court, were informed that the court has not received a letter expressing choice administration to charges. The government examiners Commission against Corruption charges recorded was not submitted to consultation.

The charges in the fifteenth seat Ermias criminal guilt for the sale of Imperial Hotel, which was owned by the access of real estate, at a cost of 75 million birr, he said that examiners was an “expanded value.” They demanded the incentive for accommodation should have been 51 million birr and blamed Erimias to come up with the authorities in the METEC then they bought the inn, to sell the property at inflated costs without serious offer.

Ermias demanded that Access Real Estate C.C., an organization co-said, had bought the property for 60 million birr and said a lot of the inn was a mere 5% in what was owned for more than 6, 000 investors.

The choice of the administration to end the charges against all 63 was declared on Tuesday 25 February Zinabu and therefore Fikad Tsega, Federal Attorney General Management Director border crime.

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