president of the Tigray region Dr. Debretsion Geberemichael says we can ask if the bullying continues independent

President of the People’s Liberation Front Tigray (TPLF) Debretsion Geberemichael announced goals of the local state of Tigray become a free country if you hate speeches against their relatives persevere.

In a speech to report with respect to the commemoration 45a of the establishment TPLF, Debretsion said: “It is necessary to inform the locale of Tigray as an independent country if foreign powers continue to interfere in businesses of Ethiopia and contempt for the district of Tigray not It’s repaired. “Debretsion said this to members of the Federal Parliament in the area of ​​Tigray who went to the commemoration of the 45th TPLF.

The administrator was speaking before a large number of individuals in Mekelle appeared no arena where central government authority.

“His term as parliament deputies government is nearing its end; therefore accomplish something that allusion was made to the story before their lapses term, “he said

Debretsion was specifically referring to the ongoing speech by Prime Minister Ahmed Abiy said “We, the Oromo people, have hurt Weyanes; the TPLF individuals are currently limited to a point. ” Convicted speech as Prime Minister was broadcast during the feature debut of an enterprise of the water system in Bale Goba a week ago.

“We have to denounce the obstruction out in internal affairs of Ethiopia and detest talks transported by the pioneers of the nation against people of Tigray,” said Deberetsion Gebremichael, who is also leader of the agent area Tigray.

“Release their obligations, otherwise you will be charged for taking a negative working for Ethiopia he disintegrated,” Debertsion warned parliamentarians. Not expound on why a stage as train the TPLF to maintain a strategic distance from the obligation after nearly three years of government on Ethiopia, which many people blame for the ethnic division in Ethiopia felt today.

At present, there is relative harmony in many parts of Ethiopia, apart from in the town of Oromia in western Ethiopia as manifestations of support for Prime Minister Ahmed Abiy and the Party of Prosperity decision is carried out in different parts of the nation . There are some local associations who intend to challenge the district in the next races, including the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) and Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC).

Debretsion also spoke about the real connection between the locale of Tigray and neighboring Eritrea and revised individuals were covered the two together while fighting the Derg system.

In his message to the people of Eritrea, Debertsion said TPLF had a stay on a privileged opportunity for individuals from Eritrea, regardless of the allegations and restriction of various political powers.

President TPLF censored some political powers to scheming war between groups of people of Eritrea and Tigray although he did not refer to the political powers by name.

Debretsion also blamed Addis Ababa and Asmara for closing exile communities and deny access new transient Eritreans in Ethiopia.

President agent reviewed the social, language and regular history between groups of people of Tigray and Eritrea, who said, in no way, shape or form into an argument.

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