executive of the party meets amid prosperity talk about possible state of emergency to contain # covid19

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The Executive Committee of the Ethiopian ruling party, the party (PP) prosperity, led by Prime Minister Ahmed Abiy, has called a meeting today to “discuss and pass decision on various topics,” the party said.

Addis Standard has learned that the meeting comes amid increased talk among several senior officials that the government was likely to declare a State of Emergency five months (SOE) in its efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19.
Prime Minister Ahmed Abiy has met and held two rounds of talks with several representatives of political parties of the opposition on April 05 and 07. However, it was made available any details of the meeting to the public, except information Twitter page Abiy PM Ahmed. “After my meeting this afternoon with the second group of party leaders competing, I would appreciate the goodwill shown to jointly combat the impact of COVID-19 and supporting strong government measures. Such a spirit of cooperation will right side right now citizens and others to take Ethiopia to the path of prosperity, “said Prime Minister after his second round of meetings with representatives of the opposition parties.

According to information obtained by Addis standard three participants from different parties, the prime minister has discussed the possibility of declaring a state of emergency, which will last for five months to combat the coronavirus. Questions regarding the scoop on their implementations and lack of clarity in the draft state of the environment were raised by some representatives of political parties of the opposition to which it is said that the prime minister had responded with assurances that the state of the environment was the only concern to contain the virus.

They also raised questions about the constitutional implications of declaring a state of emergency as the term for the national parliament comes to an end three months from now, before the end of a five-month emergency state. PM Abiy indicated that further discussions will be undertaken to mitigate the constitutional implications and that the focus should now be on the fight against COVID-19, Addis Standard has learned.

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