Ministry Launches National ID Pilot Project

A national pilot project that aims identity that ultimately transform the existing identification cards to digital across the country was launched today.

The Government of Ethiopia has been seeking ways to modernize its existing call identification program kebelle ID card, and the Ministry of Peace is responsible for establishing an identity program, it was learned.

The new identity system must not only be unique across the nation, but should be interoperable with local electronic platforms that relay the unique identification of individuals is essential for digital transformation initiatives underway in Ethiopia.

Following the signing of a memorandum of understanding with greater R India and today D University, the Minister of Peace Muferiat Kamil said that besides the modernization of the system ID card, the program will be essential for delivery digital services, enabling online authentication and crime prevention, among others.

Citing the importance of digital identification, added that “offers digital identification processing solution to most of our social, economic and political problems. It is an effective form of government and businesses to reach and serve our population. “

It is expected that the pilot project to be completed within the next eight months.

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