Dam is Source of Cooperation, Not Threat to Int’l Peace, Security: Experts

Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam’s (GERD) is “a source of cooperation rather than a threat to international peace and security”, according to experts.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, let Yemane, a law professor at the University of Wollo blamed Egypt for deliberately creating tension and try to endanger international peace and security.

With the construction of this dam, Ethiopia is exercising its sovereign right clearly the use of the Nile River as it is the taxpayer 86 percent of the water that people are in poverty and darkness.This obviously never poses and constitute ” a threat to international peace and security, “he noted.

According to him, the dictates of international law that countries with transboundary rivers have the right to use rivers in their territories on the basis of equitable and fair use.

The legal expert said that the complaint of the Egyptian government is doing to the Security Council of the UN has no legal basis in international law or the Geneva transboundary water management course.

Egypt has always been following the principle of internalization, securitization and politicization regarding the use of the waters of the Nile, he said, adding that “you can not however continue to use water exclusively, which is contrary to the established general international law and the law that governs and regulates transboundary watercourses “.

Let he claimed that the determination of Ethiopia to use its fair share of the Nile waters can not pose a threat to anyone.

The dam, to be a “unilateral Ethiopia project may not attract the intervention of the second and third parts,” he said.

Institute for Security Studies and Senior Research Coordinator Training, Meressa Kasu said that GERD is just a project on the Nile River.

There are many projects in Sudan and Egypt, including the great project of the Aswan Dam, he said: In the same way, other coastal countries are entitled to benefit from projects on the Nile river as they have rights over the river.

“I think the dam is a source of cooperation rather than a threat to international peace and security. You say this because everyone has the right and the obligation to respect the rights of others and not to cause appreciable harm to others, “he said.

He also noted that the only solution for countries is to take prey as an opportunity for cooperation.

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